Schools we are currently working with . . .

BreatheINK  is excited to offer a wide variety of poetry workshops that can fit the needs of every school/organization.  Please contact us immediately for more information.

- Performance Poetry Basics -

Students are introduced to the initial ideas and practices of performance poetry.

- Poetry Styles and Devices -

This workshop focuses on building better similes/metaphores, imagery, and hyperbole.

Students will also learn how to express their ideas through

haiku, lymericks, prose, free verse and several other poetic styles.

- Hip Hop/Poetry Interpretation and Comprehension -

Using popular and classic lyrics and poems, students will learn to break apart and understand

literature that is meant for their generation.

- Writing Poetry for Performance -

Tips and ideas for how to write with a listening audience in mind.

- Perfecting the Stage Performance -

Instructions on how to control audiences and turn words into living art.

- Group Poetry -

Teaches students to use teamwork and communication to turn multiple voices into a single, dynamic poem.

- Poetry Slam Strategies -

What to look for, identify, and recognize that will take you from the first round to the final stage.

- ​Teacher/Mentor Development and Resources -

Teaching teachers how to use spoken word to make poetry more relatable to their students.